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Holding Your Poop Is Killing You:

October 19 , 2009

If I told you that you swallowed some poison that was slowly killing you, what would you do?  Would you wait until your day was less busy to make time to get some medical attention, or would you get help right away?   

It’s very interesting to me that so many people refuse to eliminate their bowels unless they are in a certain environment…  Unless they are in the privacy of their own homes and the atmosphere is just right, they avoid the natural function of voiding.  I once treated a woman who only voided her waste once per month, during her menstrual cycle, because it wasn’t “convenient” for her to go.  She had terrible night sweats, body odor and many physical ailments in her body.  She didn’t realize the dangers that holding onto old fecal waste inside her body could produce.   

Retaining this waste for long periods of time can greatly increase an individual’s risk of developing cancer and other diseases.  That’s why God built the capacity for the body to eliminate waste. You work against your body’s natural biological process if you hold it all inside, waiting for the perfect conditions to release this toxic detritus from your body.   

Ideally, your body should expel waste from your body after each meal. However, if the foods you are eating are healthy (mainly live foods, such as fruits and vegetables), then your body will absorb most of it and there will not be as much waste.  The meaning: you will not have as many bowel movements per day as someone who gorges on a lot of processed foods and heavy meats.  The body digests these foods categories differently. It takes the body a longer period of time to break down meats and meat products than it does to digest fruits and vegetables.  Also, if you don’t chew your food properly, your stomach will have to work harder to digest your food.  More gastric acid will be needed to digest the food, which can cause acid reflux and indigestion...more »

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